Telecom & Broadband Brokering


Over 150 Phone Carriers & ISP's

Over a 150 of the leading telecom and ISP's are waiting to bid for your business.  Stop paying market rates for enterprise phone and internet services.  Getting a better deal takes less than 5 minutes. 

Step One:  Click the "GET A QUOTE" Button.

Step Two:  Answer a few questions.

Step Three: Select a plan that fits your needs.


Advanced Phone Systems

Proactive Call Solutions - Service Offering

Receive notification, Act, Deal saved! 

Only a Proactive Phone Solution offers this kind of functionality and only one does it in 2 clicks.  


Mobile Apps

Real-Time Alerts

Conversation Monitoring

Keyword & Phrase Analytics 

Automated CRM Call Type & Agent Disposition

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Communication & Collaboration


Unified Communications

It's more than just communicating with people and devices.  Unified Communications includes business core programs, applications and processes.

Remove the "linear business model" shackles to realize your company's true potential.

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Digital Transformation

Everything a business needs to start (or complete) their digital transformation foundation.

Customizable digital solutions that fit all types of business budgets, processes and goals.

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Cloud
  • Security

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Digital Processes

Use technology to remove manual processes.  Streamline sales, service and administrative processes with your new Integrated Unified Communications systems.  Unlock your company's Automated Process Power and complete your digital transformation.

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