About Us

Committed To our Clients


We are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals by providing value added services designed to lower costs and increase efficiencies. 

Focus Industries:

Automotive Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, 

Custom Solutions:

When we create a focus industry, we gather information based on needs and wants of potential clients.  The information is taken back to the lab where it's processed and streamlined to create custom workflows and processes designed to increase efficiencies thereby reducing costs and raising profits.

The Aikins Group


About Us

Committed To:

- Lowering Costs

- Increasing Efficiencies 

- Giving Back Your Time

- Streamlining Processes

- Helping Your Business Grow

Who We Are

It's all about processes.  Well that's not true, there's a lot more to it but essentially unless you have a well conceived and thought out process, nothing else seems to matter.

Understanding how technology works, how it operates, what the core directives are for each and every single peice of technology   

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