Who We Are And How We Help

When it comes to the communication industry, you want to work with an established company.

Our company has a rich history in the telecommunication industry. For the last 15 years, we have had the pleasure of serving communities and businesses just like yours with communication solutions fit to your needs.

We have helped customers from every size all across the state get and stay connected with their customers to help their business keep growing.


Today we offer high-tech VoIP phone service that utilizes PBX hosting to scale features that get and keep you connected with customers no matter the call volume, where you are, or demand.  We got our start in the business communication industry leasing out phone systems to businesses. It didn’t matter if you were a two-person company or massive operation, we had something that would help. 

We saw that paying for a system didn’t make sense for most businesses, so we helped them get great systems at a fraction of the total purchase price. The same principles can be seen at work in our services today. We eventually were attracted to selling systems from companies like Avaya, NEC, and Nortel. For a while that was fine. 

Then several years ago, the industry began to shift. Communication technology was getting better, and the cost to integrate it into businesses, small or large, opened up massive opportunities. We saw what used to be unaffordable for the average business was now becoming not only affordable, but mandatory. We saw that the internet had the power to carry your voice data (IE-your phone line) from established companies (like AT&T) while being able to host the phone system without actually having to buy one. 



It meant companies could quickly scale to their communication needs without getting locked into pricey contracts where technology quickly became outdated.  We realized we had the skills to offer hosted high-end Yealink phone systems for small to medium size businesses (traditionally unheard of) on our service AND cut phone bill costs up to 30%!

To help businesses do that we integrated high-end platforms with traditional phone system platforms to create adaptable solutions fit to your needs!