Proactive Call Solutions

Saving Deals Before The Call Ends

Get alerted to live calls going south in a hurry. 

Act without interruption, just click the alert to see a transcript of all the bad words.

Take Action without leaving your chair, just press a couple buttons on your phone to jump in the call and rescue the deal.  

Is your phone system Dealer Deployment Retail Ready?


Mobile Apps

Real-Time Alerts

Conversation Monitoring

Keyword & Phrase Analytics 

Automated CRM Call Type & Agent Disposition


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Live Analytics

A Phone System Designed for Dealerships

Stay in the driver’s seat when managing incoming calls

Your business is unique, shouldn't your phone company be too?  We think so, that's why SpectrumVoIP has built something just for our Dealer Clients.  One system that is capable of handling ALL your call management needs. 

Sales, Service, Finance, Parts, Collision, and even Customer Care.  SpectrumVoIP knows your business and how important it is that your customers connect with the right professional on the first attempt.  They also know how different each dealership can be.  To ensure you get the features that are important to your business they have included more than 300 additional features at no additional cost.

Centralized "Group" Call Center

Have you been wanting to help your dealerships with their overflow problems but can't find a cost effective way to provide the support it would require?  We've got just the thing for you!

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Auto-Detect Failover Backup

SpectrumVoIP boasts the highest industry standard of 99.999% uptime, so you’ll never have to fret about outages. With their integrated auto detect cellular failover option, you can take comfort in knowing that your dealerships communications are always secure, even when disaster strikes.


24/7 Live Support

SpectrumVoIP understands how important weekends can be in the automotive retail business.  A good weekend could make your month, while a bad weekend does the opposite.  We wouldn't be able to say "we're better than the rest" without providing the support when you need it the most.

This is why we've extended our live support coverage to weekends!  Never be left alone in a time of need again.

Call Reporting & Insights

SpectrumVoIP helps dealerships stay productive and efficient by providing tools to analyze call trends, review recordings, and create unique call-flows for each department. Whether you run one location or multiple dealerships, SpectrumVoIP gives you everything your dealership needs to keep the conversation going.