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Price Protection Plan

With our Price Protection plan you get the most up-to-date technology along with enterprise quality support from our staff all without having to worry over upgrading your service every year.

  • Zero upfront fees
  • Infrastructure is consistently updated
  • Next generation phones are supplied for free on renewal
  • Discounts are optional for larger orders or longer contracts

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Pre-paid Plan

If you want to lock in the best rate possible but don’t want the burden of contractual commitments:

  • Pay up-front
  • Best value from the start
  • Get access to every feature
  • Cost Savings without compromise

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Hate getting locked into long contracts-we can help. Protect yourself from paying for services you don’t need with our month-to-month option. Adapt our system to your needs as your business grows.

  • You buy and own your phones and equipment
  • You aren’t stuck in multi-year contracts you can’t get out of
  • Can easily adapt features in real time as your needs grow

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Upgrade to voip today!


If you've been thinking about upgrading your company's current phone solution to VoIP, now is the time.  

Several companies now offer assistance packages that include the following at no additional cost:

- Switches - POE (Number of ports meets business demand)

- Routers

- Wireless Access Points (WAP)

- Managed Network Services Agreement

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