Live Call Analytics & Alerts

Sentiment analysis and key word spotting allow actionable intelligence as situations unfold...  What?

How It Works:

Several things happen all at once when a customer calls into a Proactive System.  Calls are recorded, transcribed, scanned for keywords and phrases and finally analyzed to determine if the call is good, bad, or ugly.

Further Explanation:

If a keyword is detected an alert is generated and sent to a designated person or persons in the form or an email, text or both.  The alert displays a call status (Good, Bad, Ugly) and provides clickable "Jump to" options.


Monitor - Opens a live transcription window that gives a play-by-play breakdown of a conversation as it takes place.  This option enables the user to continue their work while monitoring a potential situation.   

Barge - Adds the user to the call and announces this to both parties.

Whisper - Adds the user to the call with no announcement, phone is placed on mute by default.  The user can then "whisper" encouraging words to the rep.

Boot - Adds the user to the call and Boots the rep.


Call & SMS Tracking

Powerful Mobile Technology

The system is capable of delivering alerts via SMS or email to a department(s), a person(s), or a group(s) based on a set predefined rules.

Intelligent, Mobile SMS Tracking product places business related conversations in your CRM client records.

SMS Tracking by key words and phrases.  Know in the moment what’s happening.

Features include:

  • Text Enabled Local and Toll Free Numbers
  • Opt-in / Opt-out Options
  • CRM Integration
  • Mobile and Desktop Sync


Call Verification

API CRM Integrations

Call Verification:

Gives you 100% insight into what happens on your phones. There’s no need for guesswork when it comes to how many calls your people are making or how many calls each department is receiving.


Having the ability to look at your organization from a top level view provides essential insights into operations.  Knowing  when to staff, where to increase or decrease spend and identify costly gaps in your process is a few of many benefits.  


Call verification is a core component essential to creating personal accountability throughout your organization.  Setting goals, creating milestones and reviewing monthly marketing spend all play a part in managing and measuring your organization's accountability.


Call Reporting

Insightful & Intelligent Recording

We step into the history of our clients by recording their calls to learn and gain an understanding of their current status, so we can effectively create a strategic plan, while ensuring accountability, feedback, effectiveness and enhancement.
Use either our toll free numbers, your existing toll free numbers, or a local number to record all your inbound and outbound calls.

All calls are captured, tagged, categorized and stored for reporting.


Use report filtering to quickly get to what's important.


Save filtered reports as your own or add them to a group report schedule.

Report Scheduling:

Set up daily, weekly or monthly scheduled reports that are distributed via email to selected users.

Feature Highlights:

  • No onsite equipment to purchase
  • Account codes to measure employee productivity
  • Custom reports for multiple time periods
  • CRM integration for most platforms


Mobile Application

Free Your Sales Team

Softphone = Smart Phone Application

A softphone is a mobile version of your phone system except instead of being on a desk, it's on a mobile device.  

Our softphones come with all the same features and functions you expect from a traditional phone like transfering by extensions and call recording.

Ring Group:

Softphones are apart of the system, this makes them automatically added to all ring groups and follow your set answering rules.

Separates Personal & Business Calls:

Our applications identify business calls based on your CRM's records.  If a incoming call is from a customer, all normal ring and answering rules are followed.  If the call isn't listed in the CRM (or DMS) then it's ignored.

CRM Entry:

Business related calls are recorded and automatically placed into a client's record upon call completion.

Transcribed Voice Notes:

After the call is completed, stay on the line and the system will ask if you would like to add notes.  The notes are then placed into the client record either as a voice file for playback or is transcribed and added as a note.

Additional Info

  • Dedicated local or toll free business numbers available
  • Integrates with most CRM’s
  • Send and receive using a business number Vs. an employee's personal number
  • Detail call reporting
  • Inbound & Outbound call recording
  • Send SMS
  • Send MMS

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Hosted Phone System

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