Communication & Collaboration


Unified Communications

It's more than just communicating with people and devices.  Unified Communications incorporates your core programs, applications and processes.

Remove the "linear business model" shackles to realize your company's true potential.


Digital Transformation

Our team of expert facilitators will complete an initintegration and facilitation services via our your partners for your digital transformation.  We find most clients already are using around 85% of required solutions/services.  This is HUGE!  The costs are at their lowest points in history for a complete digital transformation!

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • ERP
  • Integrations
  • Digital Platforms (Sandboxes)


Automate Manual Tasks

Technology is supposed to increase efficiencies, that's it.  Increasing efficiencies means limiting (when and where possible) manual processes.  This is what it means to "Streamline" a process.  

"ReExamine what you have today to make it better for tomorrow"

Streamline sales, service and administrative processes with a new Integrated Unified Communications Systems housed in your new Digital Platform.  Unlock your company's Automated Processes Power and complete your digital transformation right now.  

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Work Reimagined - Change Your Perception

Collaborative way of working in the cloud, from anywhere, on any device.  Introducing G Suite, intelligent apps that make working together, for faster decisions and better business results.

Dynamics 365

Enterprise Resource Planning platform that comes fully integrated with your Office 365 applications.  This is shaping up to become the newest DMS in Automotive.

Automotive Digital Processes, Road Maps & Reasons Why

Thought Changing Materials.

Why it's happening. - The ECCO System