Exceptional Voice and Network Quality Guaranteed

Better Than The Competition

Our routers help secure crystal clear voice quality from multiple angles. We not only prioritize your phone calls on the way out, but we reserve enough bandwidth on the way in to ensure large downloads or streaming videos can’t impact call quality. We do all of this with surgical precision, so that you don’t notice a difference on your internet speeds. We have been the industry leader in VoIP Quality of Service for the better part of a decade, and QoS strategies like this are part of the reason why. If you have issues with your internet provider we’ll then take the lead in troubleshooting efforts and identifying the root cause. Our commitment to quality of service isn’t limited to bandwidth shaping and MoS scores, we strive to give you the best and most transparent customer experience possible. 


Affordable Protection Scaled To Your Needs

Basic network security shouldn’t be a luxury. Staying informed of security trends, vulnerabilities, and keeping your router(s) updated to the latest firmware can be a challenge for some small businesses. An auxiliary benefit to our hosted phone service offering is that we manage your network for you. On top of managing your network, we will handle the relationship with your internet provider or ISP as well. Make the switch to the cloud with Aikins Consulting, and take advantage of a turnkey voice and data solution tailored to fit your needs.