Why A Web Portal?

We believe your phone system shouldn’t be difficult to manage.  You should be able to enter your web portal, customize the communication options you need, and get back to work.

We understand your time is valuable. You don’t have the time to get stuck spending hours trying to figure out an overly complicated web portal just to make a simple change.  That’s why we created the web portal to enable you to manage your phone systems when necessary.


The Web Portal

Easily Manage Your Phone Systems Online

Your company needs real-time access to manage your phone system in or out of the office.  Our online interface makes it possible to manage your system from anywhere.  Voicemails, call logs, call recordings, and call routing changes are simple and quick to manage.  If you don't have time to make technical changes, our support staff can "Free of Charge"!


Your company’s communication needs shouldn’t be expensive. That’s why we created an easy to use phone system you can manage online without extensive training. 


Changing How You Customize Communications


Traditionally it took a lot of energy and help to manage your business’s phone system. The old method required you to reach out to phone system vendors where you had to wait for them to make the changes when they had a chance. 

Or worse. You had to send part of your team to spend a weekend getting special training to make the changes yourself, all while worrying you might get the smallest thing wrong, crashing the entire system. 

We decided to change that by letting you both simplify and unify all communications easily from a web portal. The best part about it is it doesn’t matter if you are an enterprise level corporation or a three person small business on the edge of main street-the Stratus Web Portal can help. Here’s how. 

Your Team Has The Access They Need

You don’t want your team losing time chasing features they don’t have and trying to update them to fit their needs. That’s why we set the web portal so your team can highlight features they want so they can do things they need like send and receive faxes, use visual voicemail, access personal call history, use SMS/Chat messaging, and review personal call recordings all from one place. 

The web portal can help your team get and stay connected without wasting time.  The best part is that it doesn’t matter if your team is two people or two thousand; our web portal is designed to scale to the needs of any corporation, no matter the need.


Easily Control Administrative Functions


There are many business VoIP features available today. You need to be able to quickly update, edit, or adjust what features your business uses when they need them. You don’t have time to wait for vendors to find time to make the changes you need. That is why we made all administrative functions like creating auto attendants, managing users, adding import hold music, being able to check call recordings, and being able to check call history for the entire company easy to do from one place.

With the web portal, you can manage all admin functions from one place quickly and easily without hours of training or days waiting for help staff to act. Simply log in, update, and get on with your day.

Not only is our web portal easy for you to use-we also opened access to your entire team. Here’s why.


When we created the Web Portal, we wanted every business to be able to use it. That’s why size doesn’t matter when it comes to who can use it. It doesn’t matter if you have three employees or three hundred, our web portal can help you customize your communications when you want.