Because We're The Best Option


Option 1: Do It Yourself

You put in time, tirelessly researching, comparing, and reviewing local providers.  This option seems logical at first but as the process continues the reality of how much time being invested sinks in.  Call backs from potential providers, deal adjustments, scheduling site walks, coordinating installation, setup and training.  It can become a nightmare.

Option 2: Dedicated Sales Rep

A dedicated sales rep was the best way to limit your time investment and was great at dealing with all the coordinating and scheduling.  But it's not without drawbacks, the most obvious being limited options.  Telecom companies with inhouse sales models do not allow their reps to "rep" competing services.  This leads to agendaization of a single service provider.

This realization usually prompts the business owner to once again start the researching cycle all over when it's time to renew services.

Option 3: Aikins Consulting

Partner with A Master Telecom Service Procurement Agency, Partner with Aikins Consulting.  We specialize in telecom service procurement and account management.  As a Master Agency, we have direct reseller authorization with over 150 phone & internet providers.  This is how we secure the best deal for our clients every single time. 

We’re more than just pricing, we’re facilitators. We manage everything (Quoting, Installation, Setup & Training) so you can stay focused on more important things like running the company. 

We continue to assist our clients by creating and managing their Service Lifecycle.  This means we're constantly monitoring market trends looking for pricing patterns, new feature releases and new technology that could impact business.